Digital Culture as the new manufacturing challenge.

Digital Culture as the new manufacturing challenge

Implementing digital technologies into any process tends to be extremely disruptive and constantly challenges the status quo; this creates a feeling of extreme uncertainty, generating a natural obstacle, by the people around the implementation of new technologies. This hurdle implementing digital in any business tends to be because of a wrongly grounded fear of digital replacement or natural rejection of new ideas. Thus, it is extremely important to work together with executives and operators to create a clear path and a precise vision of how the new digital operation will look to counteract the fear previously stated.

Here are 3 easy to do tips to help your company succeed in adopting a digital culture.

  1. Company culture does not change, it evolves.
    Adopting digital does not mean you have to have startup-like culture, or open spaces or nap pods in the middle of your office. Understand what makes your company culture special and think of how implementing new tech will help your operation, your sales process, etc.
  2. Be clear in your strategy and vision.
    It is important for top management to be extremely close and to understand the concerns of the workers to address the matter appropriately. These cultural issues will continue to represent a major challenge in digital technologies implementations, especially in hard manufacturing, production-focused companies.
  3. Collaborate Collaborate Collaborate!
    Collaboration with third-party companies is a super-easy way to help your company implement not just new technologies but to transmit new ways of thinking and new ideas.

Adopting digital culture is hard, especially for non-digital native companies. Top management must understand that in order to navigate this process in the right path, a clear plan and disciplined execution will be critical in your company’s success in the near future. While doing this is hard, not adopting a digital culture is almost a recipe for failure, the competitive advantage that digital represents today will become soon in a must-have standard.


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