We create technology
to help manufacturers
thrive in the digital era

We create technology
to help manufacturers
thrive in the digital era

Valiot is used by some of the

most foward-thinking manufacturers in the world.

Cutting Edge

Digital technologies
to deliver value

Valiot is an AI and software company that transforms the way manufacturers work, providing technological solutions to drastically optimize the production process and the complete value chain. Valiot easily connects to any data source, admin system or shop-floor technology to create an amazing digital experience, empowering companies to achieve a truly connected and smart operation.

Valiot stands for Value




We are obsessed with delivering value, each of our implementation
have a clear business case and short payback periods.

Our Products

We created our products to generate value, with our users in mind. Designed to be
implemented in any shop floor and interact with any data source or administrative system.

Industrial IOT and amazing UX to digitilize the whole manufacturing process.

Your new digital operation


Real time data for real time decisions.


Eliminate hidden factory pains.


Drastically reduce human dependency.


AI running your manufacturing process to maximize factory wide productivity.

The new era of manufacturing


Self Regulated Operation.


24/7 Prodution Analysis to Run Smarter.


Production anomaly detection.

AI + System Dynamics to empower a smart and connected operation.

Smart SnOP


Optimized and connected production schedule.


Predicts Factory Behavior to plan accordingly.


Adjusts to the factory ever changing conditions.

AI to empower an optimized and dynamic distribution system.

Logistics 4.0


Optimized Distribution Plans.


Real Time logistic performance.


Turn by turn mobile app for drivers.

Amazing stories worth sharing

We craft high quality products focused on delivering value to manufacturers.
These are some success stories we have created with our customers.

“Valiot’s AI-powered technology optimized the scheduling process in the presence of unpredictable events, drastically increasing the brewery throughput and improving worker experience”

John Carrier

Senior Lecturer in the System Dynamics
MIT Sloan School of Management

Featured at M.I.T. News


A steel wire drawing operation running fully on AI. Unwanted downtime gone to near zero, average machine speed has increased more than 50% and drastically increasing the operation safety conditions.

Valiot´s Global Presence

We have implemented our products around the globe. From Austin, throughout our partners and
strategic alliances we can reach anywhere in the world.

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