Maximize your shop floor operations with the power of AI.

  • Reduces scrap generation.
  • Maximizes productivity by avoiding unwanted downtimes.
  • Eliminates hidden factory pains.

Connection to systems

Connectivity and integrations

It connects with your shop floor technologies and admin systems.

It gathers data directly from your PLCs, drivers, IoT sensors, IoT platform, or any other data-generating source from your shop floor and administrative systems.

Shop floor

Data visualization

Your Shop floor, Real-time.

Have a quick understanding of what is happening in your factory with our customizable views. Your factory, your KPIs, real-time, always.

Powerful AI algorithms

AI to enhance productivity

Algorithms to understand and optimize your operations.

It runs simulations in the background using a subset of algorithms to identify and define the most optimal way to run the machines, determine control setpoints and reduce human decision points.

Next-gen manufacturing analytics.

Analytics that actually work for you.

Our dashboard builder technology allows managers and operators to tailor analytics to your factory’s needs.

Next Gen

On average, we’ve reached the following results for our clients.

0%Downtime Reduction
0%OEE Increase
0%Human Mistake Avoidance

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