AI to connect and optimize your Value Chain.​

  • Optimize inventory levels.
  • Maximize throughput by reducing production cycle times.
  • Increase your customer service level.
  • Smart replenishment model.
  • Production scheduling.

Connection to systems

Connectivity and integrations

Forecast demand, inventories, and factory conditions.

Gather data from in-house systems and generate Value Chain related information. Feel the benefits of connectivity.

Customizable Alerts

Connect and communicate your Value Chain​

Real-Time view.

Recommended changes are relevant, intuitive, and easy to implement. Customizable alerts provide optimal ways to keep team members in the loop.

Actionables of every stakeholder

Optimize your decision points

Using powerful AI algorithms, it runs thousands of scenarios to provide the most optimal production sequencing.

Continuous information analysis to predict factory behaviors and guarantee the production sequence remains optimal. If it’s not, it autonomously reschedules and provides the ideal plan.

Next-gen manufacturing analytics.

Analytics that actually work for you.

Our dashboard builder technology allows managers and operators to tailor analytics to your factory’s needs.

Next Gen

On average, we’ve reached the following results for our clients.

0%Cycle Time Reduction
0%Utility Cost Reduction
0%Setup Time Reduction

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